Six artists to paint walls in KK

KOTA KINABALU: Six Sabahan artists have been commissioned to paint a selected wall at Wisma Sabah and Wisma Utama on September 6 by Petronas.

Harold Reagan Eswar, Kwan Thung Seng, Crig Roynno Francis @ Cracko, Anddy Romeo Dulait, Suparno Sapar @ Phey and Lydiana Iliyas @ Lybby will be spending a week painting the walls with their drawings that will portray the richness of Malaysian culture and tradition.

The project, dubbed #tanahairku, was initiated by Petronas as part of its commitment to engage the younger generation and cultivate the spirit of patriotism in their young minds, said Petronas senior general manager Liz Kamaruddin during a media briefing held at the Le Meridien hotel here yesterday.

The initiative was inspired by a poem written by a national laureate, the late Dato Dr Usman Awang, entitled‘Tanah Air’which tells of the beginning of Malaysia, known as Malaya back then, and captured the pride and love of the people towards the nation.

The project was started three years ago and last year, Petronas decided to collaborate with the street artists in Kuala Lumpur to create artworks around Kuala Lumpur to inspire Malaysians.

This year, Petronas decided to extend the initiative to Johor, Sabah and Sarawak.

“We want to remind Malaysians, especially the youth, that we are a united Malaysia every day of the year, and we are cultural representatives of colourful traditions that form the bedrock of our nation. We are 30 million citizens from different walks of life all living under the same flag, and we need to remember what binds us together as a country,” she said.

Meanwhile, one of the artists selected for the project, Anddy, said he would be working on the Wisma Sabah wall together with Harold and Kwan while the other team comprising of Crig, Suparno and Lydiana will be creating their masterpieces at Wisma Utama.

Anddy said that he is excited to be given the opportunity to work on the wall.

“It is a chance for us to do the entire wall,”he said.

The Wisma Sabah wall they have been commissioned to paint is the one facing Suria Sabah.

While seemingly excited, Anddy also expressed his fear of heights.

“Wisma Sabah is a four-storey building. We would be painting from bottom to top. I guess I would have to work on this fear of height,”he said.