Rep tells Malays to safeguard their culture, religion

Fazzruddin (centre) and Hezan (left) giving out a prize to a lucky draw winner.

KUCHING: Malays in Sarawak are called upon to safeguard their culture and religion Islam at all times, while respecting other people’s religions.

They also need to realise that they need to respect their own culture in order for other races to respect them, considering that Sarawak is a multi-racial and multi-religious state, says Tupong assemblyman Fazzruddin Abdul Rahman yesterday.

He says by having love for their culture, they would have a common purpose and be united.

However, he also reminds them that while promoting and preserving their culture, they should not interfere with the culture and traditions of other races in the state.

“We do our best to defend our culture and religion and we hope that those who are not of the same race or religion as us would understand that, as Malays should not meddle with matters concerning other religions or races here in the state,” he said in his speech for the ‘Majlis Ramah Tamah Aidilfitri’ hosted by Persatuan Warisan Anak Sarawak (Waris) at a local radio station hall here yesterday.

Fazzruddin, who is Waris patron, also hoped that Malays who joined Malay-based associations such as Waris, would always do their best to know fellow members of the associations well so that there would be unity in the associations.

“If the members know each other well, then it will be easy for the association to plan activities and also make any decision as its members are united. One of the first steps for members to be united is to know each other well,” he said.

Meanwhile, Waris president Mohamad Hezan Andy said the association was looking forward to doing more charity works in the future.

“Waris focuses on doing charity works and we also look forward to increasing our membership in the future. We hope that this association would remain active at all times,” Hezan said.

Waris has registered members throughout Sarawak, mostly in Kuching, Samarahan, Miri and Limbang divisions.

During the event, Fazzruddin and Hezan gave donations to the poor and needy members of the community, as well as presented certificates to Waris members who had been very active in the association.

Later, Fazzruddin and Hezan gave away prizes to winners of the lucky draw, which was held earlier.