Malaysians in Sabah must strive to remain united – FCAS

KOTA KINABALU: The people of Sabah, the Chinese community included, must strive to remain united and muster enough confidence, in order to overcome whatever difficulties and challenges there are, in the Year of the Golden Rooster.

Expressing this was Datuk Seri Panglima TC Goh, president of the Sabah Federation of Chinese Associations (FCAS), in his message issued in conjunction with the Lunar New Year.

“Although with the rebound of crude oil and palm oil prices last year, there was a slight relief for us amidst the tough economic situation, we must nonetheless be wary of the potential challenges ahead that are being presented by various complex issues around the world at the moment, which could be interrelated. For instance, even such a strong-and-powerful nation like the United States of America is now facing uncertainties brought upon by its people’s strong desire for change.

“Hence, we Malaysians in Sabah must strive to remain united and muster enough confidence to overcome the imminent challenges ahead of us, in the Year of the Golden Rooster,” he stressed.

While noting that the State’s economy for last year has been sluggish, he nonetheless acknowledged that undeniably there had been remarkable improvement to the State’s infrastructure development such as the visible progress in the Pan Borneo Highways project, construction of flyovers in Kota Kinabalu City, and infrastructure developments in various suburban towns in the State.

“Frankly speaking, Sabah is still booming with plenty of business opportunities. It is hoped that the people of Sabah could continue to be on mettle and be proactive in exploring the many untapped potential and opportunities that the State has to offer,” said Goh.

The vice president of the Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Hua Zong) went on to note that the government is currently closely monitoring the global economic situation, especially amidst speculation of looming global financial crisis and a sluggish global economy.

“However, we must strive to remain calm in facing the ebb and flow of global economy; we must continue to move in the right direction towards a better and a more prosperous future,” he stressed.

Goh also hoped that while ushering in the Lunar New Year, the Chinese community could take time out to reevaluate their position and their focus in accordance with the current situation.

He stressed that this was necessary, so that they could make full use of the available resources to improve their standard of living, besides continuing to safeguard and promote the 5,000-year-old Chinese culture and traditions in Malaysia, Sabah in particular.

He cited that FCAS’ continuous organising of the annual Chinese New Year Carnival and the successful lobbying for the use of Chinese language road signs in the city, recently, was a good example of the noble act of safeguarding and promoting the Chinese culture.

“That was not just a historical moment for the Chinese community of Sabah, but also a warm gesture in welcoming the tourists from China to visit Sabah,” proclaimed Goh.

Meanwhile, on behalf of the Chinese community of Sabah, Goh thanked the Chinese Consul General in Sabah, Chen Peijie, for the allocation of RMB50,000 to FCAS, in support of the 2017 Chinese New Year Carnival.

“We in FCAS, and the Chinese community of Sabah as a whole, are indeed very grateful to the Government of the Republic of China for such a kind and generous gesture, especially in time of need. We shall always cherish our close ties with the government and the people of China,” he pledged.

Goh also thanked all those individuals who rallied behind him all these years, which he considered as the greatest motivation and invaluable reward for him to continue to serve the community.

He concluded his message by wishing the people of Sabah a blessed and prosperous Year of the Golden Rooster.