Calling for Unity and Peace

Let us contribute to the discourse on moderation, unity, and engage communities.

Why would you choose Malaysiaku?

  1. Contribute to the discourse on moderation and unity and engage communities.
  2. Engage with relevant government agencies and influence policies related to the unity well being index of the country.
  3. Work with like-minded civil society organisations, think-tanks and academicians to widen the circles of moderate thinking.
  4. Collaborate to collectively impact a positive culture of harmony and unity.

Malaysiaku is the largest cultural support in the country.

Our partners are engaged with NGOs—strategically and tactically—not just at renewal time but every day of the year, delivering the kind value that has driven stunning growth.



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We're with you every step of the way.

Malaysiaku was first invited to participate in the Ministry of Finance’s Pre Budget Dialogue Session in 1981 and has continued to do so every year.

The work is hard and the expectations are high but it’s infinitely rewarding and we’re with you every step of the way.

Malaysiaku recognized that a new era had been thought in with NPI, OPP2, and Vision 2020 all of which seek to achieve a truly united nation, a Malaysia in which all Malaysians will be proud to live in and work for the continued progress, peace, prosperity and wellbeing of every single woman, man, youth and child.

Our continuos mission:

  • Abolishing all forms of discrimination.
  • Proving for easier legitimacy of an otherwise illegitimate child.
  • Prohibiting the use of the word “illegitimate” in all documents.
  • Combat corruption by declaring it as Public Enemy Number One.
  • To continue to combat crime by involving everyone in the community.
  • To improve the efficiency of the public service by recruiting the best brains for the job.

Are you ready?

Malaysiaku members are a selected group and we’re growing the team.

Let empower our children to see themselves as change-agents for community and harmony within their families and society.

Or engage communities to articulate their aspirations for the Malaysia they want and to consider ways in which they can contribute towards realizing those aspirations – as a citizen, as policy makers, members of corporations, or community.

Are you ready for a better way to grow your connection?

In spite of the huge diversity in Malaysia in terms of religion, culture, race, ethnicity and so forth, we've really gone very far in developing this country.
Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak
Former Prime Minister