Ba Kelalan to host culture and apple fest on April

MIRI: Borneo Jungle Safari and Ba Kelalan Homestay will jointly organise Ba Kelalan Culture and Heritage cum Apple Harvest Festival on April 6 at Buduk Nur, Ba Kelalan in Lawas.

People from far and near are expected to converge on Ba Kelalan, a highland with sub-tropical and amazingly fresh weather in the heart of Borneo’s world renowned and oldest tropical rainforests.

Blessed with such weather, Ba Kelalan is home to Malaysia’s only apple orchard.

The festival promises to be a treat of a life time as locals and visitors to the highland will have the opportunity to harvest varieties of apple hybrids and types like Granny Smith, Lady Williams, Apple Anna, Manalagi (renamed Ba’Kelalan apple), Tropical Beauty and Rome Beauty.

Apart from this, its beautiful scenery, mountains, valleys, rivers, flora and fauna and wildlife are pretty unspoilt and had been so for generations.

The people inhabiting the area are likewise of unique culture and tradition.

Ba Kelalan is a land of friendly smiles from young and the old.

The people make visitors and tourists truly at home and this sets Ba Kelalan apart from the rest.